Colin Hamilton

Colin Hamilton has been in the construction industry since the early 1990’s. At the age of 21 Colin procured and completed a renovation project for two wharehouses and offices on one project for budget Rent a Car BC. Then working on development projects on Heritage Mountain such as Tree Tops and Deer Crest multi family  projects in Coquitlam.  Running crews with Decker construction to complete 27 new homes in Maple Ridge in  2001

In 2003 Colin went to BCIT to complete his Gas “C” course and run a heating and renovation company with his Brother. Together completing projects for complete renovations, additions, and office build outs. Colin’s experience working in the trades and with differnet crews and aspects in the building trades has let him to the path of a project manager for new construction multi family builds.

Other areas of Colin’s experience in business lead him into marketing program for construction trades that reached from shore to shore across Canada. This has given Colin experience working with ans supply goods and services to construction projects across the country. From local suppliers to off shore purchasing Colin knows the advantage of getting good construction based products into the supply network in local and markets across the country. For many years Colin has been working with business owners in several differnet trades related industries helping to obtain contracts in almost every aspect to new construction.Colin enjoys being an entreprenuer and working with business owners to achieve lasting relationships.

Thre are many aspects to building and renovatinghouses and building and they are ood materials and great skilled labour. Combining these bring quality in construction that helps bring projects to completion in a timely matter with budget and quality in mind.