Construction & Feng Shui

Feng Shui Compliant General Contractor Can Bring All Good Things to Your New Home

When you are in the process of constructing a new house you have to see that the floor plan of the same must be designed in such a way the Life Energy flows freely inside it. For this you have to follow the principles of Feng Shui the ancient Chinese Building science. When you are choosing the general contractor for constructing your building you must ascertain from them whether the proposed building will be designed in such way as to comply with the basic principles of Feng Shui.

If you are in Vancouver British Columbia you can utilize the services of Constructions Project Managers Inc, as your construction partner. We have rich experience in acting as your building contractor and we are known for our ability to create the floor plan of your new construction strictly complying with Feng Shui. Once your home is constructed with sound Feng Shui the flow of Life Energy will be full and you will be able to live a happy and peaceful life in your new home.

When we start designing the floor plan for a new construction we take utmost care in making it comply with some of the main aspects of Feng Shui like

  • Designing and placing your main doors in the proper way and take care that the main door does not come in direct facing with  any of the closet doors, bathroom door or come in front of a wall. W also take care that the main door is designed in such a way that it always opens inside and does not face any staircase.
  • While determining the shape, design and placement of doors and windows we take care to enhance the level of Feng Shui Energy flow inside the building as the doors and windows play a major role in determining the energy flow as well as light and air inside the building. For this we see that in the floor plan that the main door does not align directly with the back door or a tall window to ensure that the energy that enters into the building stays in it for all the good reasons. We also take care to prevent the bad alignment of one door with the other in any part of the proposed building.
  • As the location of the design and location of the bedroom is vital for a good Feng Shui home we take more care to design the floor plan so that the master bed room does not come over the garage or over the kitchen oven or directly faces the front door. We also place the bedrooms at the right places in the floor plan of your new home so that you get a peaceful and nourishing Life Energy  to bring in deep sleep and a healing sexuality and for this the bedrooms are placed above the places that are peaceful and have balanced activity.
  • Likewise the kitchen area is considered to be the heart of a house and hence more attention is paid to decide on the location, design and overall character of your kitchen area in our Feng Shui compliant floor plan for your new home. Kitchen is a part of the Feng Shui Trinity and it must be at the right place in your floor plan so that it assures good health and well being when you and your family comes to live in it.
  • Staircase yet another important aspect that must find its right positioning in the floor plan if you want it to become a good Feng Shui Stairs. The staircase must find its good location in the floor plan and it must be placed in such a place that it is able to retain the flow of the specific quality of Feng Shui energy.
  • We are good at planning the floor plan for your home and we take special care in placing the bathrooms at the right places in your house, and we take care to abide by all the guidelines that are available in Feng Shui for good bathrooms.
  • This helps in avoiding the bad bathroom energy affecting the other areas of your home and this is prevented by placing the bath rooms at the right places even at the time of finalizing your floor plan.
  • The laundry rooms, the closets and other storage areas are also must be placed at the right places and we as your general contractor take care of all these and help you to live a life of aplenty and good health in your new home with liberal amounts of Feng Shui energy flowing and filling each part of your home in all the right ways.

Thus, we help you create a good floor plan for your new home fully complying with the Feng Shui guidelines and this is sure to bring prosperity, peace of mind and health to you and your family.

With our rich experience in acting as your general contractor we can easily take out the harder part of building a new home and take upon us the responsibility of creating a viable, enriched and energetic living space that is going to add all the good things you can expect from your new home.