Project Management

Information management that increases efficiency, reduces failure costs and gives you more control.

The success of a project or organization depends on the quality of the available information. Direct insights into vital information will prevent errors and reduce costs. Over the last ten years, the complexity of projects has increased significantly. More regulation, more complex contracts and more complicated products have resulted in data insecurity. Symptoms of this phenomenon are:

 Relevant information is spread over different reports, contracts, minutes, emails, excel lists and applications, this results in a loss of overview.

 Loss of overview can result in too many design iterations or worse, errors in the design and expensive corrections to the final product.

 A lot of time is wasted on searching for information and in combining information in repetitive reports, overviews and status updates.

Relatics Project Management software is a generic, flexible information management platform. With Relatics Project Management software you get information out of contracts, minutes, excel lists and custom applications into a single online information network. We offer free pre made modules that have proven their effectiveness for large construction projects, but your own people can also easily adjust and expand these modules, or build a complete new application to comply exactly with your needs and processes. Let Relatics Project Management software help your people to get a grip on your critical project information and improve:

Increased complexity in European construction projects has resulted in the development of a system that can cope with this complexity, improve design efficiency and reduce failure costs. Relatics Project Management software usage has seen rapid growth, it is successfully used by both ministries of infrastructure (DOT’s) and small to large engineering and construction companies to integrally manage all important project information.

We determined that the same underlying principles also apply to the North American construction market, that Relatics can also increase your efficiency, reduce failure costs and give you more control over your projects. If you are interested in a demonstration or have questions contact us for further details.